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A Special Visitor


We were honored by a visit with 99 year old AT1 George Behrend, USNR (Ret.). Behrend is a native of Bloomington, Ill. He joined the Navy in June of 1942. He left the Navy after the war but rejoined during the Korean conflict and retired from the reserves in 1974.

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From the Desk of Onee…


The new year in Oak Harbor started with unusual weather. February saw many sunny days which helped the volunteers who were working on the PBY. Then March blew in with days of snow! Now the volunteers had to carefully monitor the airplane for snow buildup, especially on the airplane’s wings.

The Museum closed for one day this winter because of all that snow, but on the other days, members were able to use their passes to come view our exhibits. We, also, had visitors from several states tour the Museum, as well as the Outdoor Display area.

Every week we receive […]

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President’s Corner


The major challenge of 2019, negotiating new leases, has been met by extending our existing leases. The 2018 End of Year Appeal for donations successfully concluded in early January. The 3rd Annual Celebration of Flight Dinner and Auction planning is underway. An ambitious “Taking History to the Public” events schedule is on tap. And, the Capital Improvement Task Force has identified another potential museum site.

Because last year’s property purchase negotiations were unsuccessful, 2019’s major goal was to obtain extensions of our expiring leases. A variety of options, including moving part of the museum, were considered. In the end, we […]

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The 5th annual community luncheon was a resounding success with over 60 persons in attendance. Museum President Wil Shellenberger gave the group the latest information on Foundation land acquisition and Navy petty officer (STG2) James Stutheit received his 5-year pin as well a certificate of appreciation for his exemplary work on the M-211 truck nicknamed “Rebecca.” (Photo by Patty Henry)


The Right Medal…finally


Museum volunteers John Hughes, George Love, Wil Shellenberger, Jim Siggens and Dave Strohmeyer worked together carefully to breakdown and reassemble the WWII Ace Lt.Col. Kenneth Ford display, for insertion of the Expert Rifleman badge on the uniform artifact. All Marines, from Private to Commandant, are required to qualify annually to earn the badge. The “Expert” rating is the highest of them all. Semper Fi!

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Chairman’s Corner


INVESTMENT: “The act of putting money or effort into something to make a profit or achieve a result” – Dictionary definition.

We have all heard of investing money in stocks, bonds, real estate, collectables and so forth. The list is very long. In many cases the hopes are very high. This is one kind of investing. Another is the investment of a person’s time and efforts to achieve a goal…something done for a purpose other than a return of money, profits, cash or income.

We are allotted a certain amount of time on this earth. When we are younger the allotment […]

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Volunteer In The Spotlight-Steve Diklich


Steve Diklich, hailing from the greater Portland area, is our volunteer in the spotlight this quarter. Diklich spent his entire career in credit union management in the Seattle area and works in the Accessions department of the Museum. He came to the Museum at the urging of Wil Shellenberger, Museum President, who lives in the same neighborhood.

“Be it newspapers, books or battle plans (from WWII), I see a lot of fascinating artifacts come through here and I want to stay in this department,” Diklich stated. He says the most interesting item he has seen so far are the WWII […]

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