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Artifact-Norden Bombsights


Museum volunteers John Solin and Jim Siggins examine a newly-loaned Norden bombsight, previously housed in a vintage WWII aircraft. Norden bombsights were among the most closely guarded secrets of WWII. Bob Biddle, one of the Museum’s founders, was a Norden bombsight instructor during WWII and was highly regarded for innovative tactics he developed for using the Norden bombsights in PBY4 Privateer aircraft. Early in 2019, these bombsights are going on display as part of an exhibit describing their history and honoring Bob Biddle.

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Repairing the Blisters


Grandfather Tom Sterling and grandson Allen Sterling examine and size PBY "blister" frames before taking them back to Oregon for repair. The pair will completely restraighten the units including insertion of the plexiglass bubble inside the newly reshaped frames.

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Museum’s 20th Anniversary


What began as a dream celebrated its 20th anniversary on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018. The PBY Naval Air Museum has been housed in two separate locations prior to the spot in downtown Oak Harbor which it presently occupies. The search for land upon which to build a permanent home for the facility continues.

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WWII Siren Artifact


The Museum had a special delivery of a WWII air raid siren found by WC (Bill) Roberts of Puget Sound Energy (PSE). The siren was on a telephone pole in the center of town and was tested daily by the authorities at noon during the war and after. It is said that the alarm was so accurate, one could set their watch by it. The artifact was placed next to the PBY Catalina 5A across from the Museum.

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From the Desk of Onee…


As with most of the PBY-Naval Air Museum volunteers, I have several different jobs, with membership being one I handle on an almost daily basis. All of us so appreciate our members from throughout the United States and beyond who support our mission, some who have been with us since the beginning over twenty years ago. New and renewing members also often include donations with their correspondence for which we are most grateful. We are in the process of concluding our 2018 membership drive with new member applications still continuing to arrive. Our latest new members are: David [...]

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Volunteer In The Spotlight – Michael Alberich


Michael Alberich (CWO4 USA Ret.) is our volunteer in the spotlight this quarter. Alberich made his home on Whidbey after retiring from a career with civil service and  twenty-one and a half years in the U.S. Army.  He works in the artifact assessions area and has been with the museum for little over a year. “I have always enjoyed researching history,” he says. “I have somewhat of a background doing this as I worked for about a year in the research library at Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker, Alabama.”   He did this as part of his official [...]

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