This is a list of items missing and work that remains to finish this great restoration. If you have and are willing to donate any of the missing items, or can help in any other way, please contact PBY-Naval Air Museum at 360-240-9500, Wed thru Sat 11 am to 5 pm or Sun 1 pm to 5 pm at 270 S.E. Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor WA, Email or mailing address P.O. Box 941, Oak Harbor, Washington 98277-0941.

  1. Mattresses, slip covers, Navy blankets, small pillows, pillow slips for each bunk (4).
  2. Radar Dome
  3. Float Lights. Mk IV Aircraft Float Light, 17 needed for aft of bulkhead #7.
  4. Mk 7 Drift Sight.
  5.  Navigation Confidential lockbox.  Now Have
  6. Earphones, Microphones and microphone clips are needed for the 9 work stations.  
  7. Norden MK XV Bombsight.
  8. Bottom tail compartment .30 cal machine gun mounts.
  9. .50 and .30 cal machine gun cans (magazines) and racks for all guns.
  10. .50 cal machine gun mounts for the waist guns
  11. Ejected link and casing containers for all machine guns.
  12.  Fire extinguishers.
  13. Copilot and pilot seatbelts and shoulder harnesses  Now Have
  14. Radar/IFF and communications equipment.
  15. Gunner Safety Belts (Bow, Tunnel and Waists).
  16. Bookcase for papers and books on top of Special Radio Equipment Rack.
  17. Radioman’s clock panel, Radioman’s Clock and radio receiving equipment antenna jacks, Radioman’s Telegraph Key.
  18. Aileron and Yoke Lock.  Now Have
  19. Batteries below Radioman’s Seat.
  20. Buoy Hook wound with 100′ of 1² Manila rope.
  21. Two lengths of Manila rope 1-1/2² X 150′ each. Stow in tool box in Engineer’s compartment.
  22. Spotlight Stowage. Case mounts on hull stringers below aft end of Navigation Table.
  23. Aldis Lamp and Case.
  24. First Aid Kit and Mounts on forward face of bulkhead #6.
  25. Astro Compass. Now Have
  26. Navigator’s watches (2).
  27.  The Mk. 2-B Pelorus driftsight and its mounting bracket. Now Have
  28. Flight Engineers seat and seat belt/shoulder harness
  29. Flight Engineers Instruments Panel and instruments.
  30. Mk 1 Very Pistol and Adapter Sleeve to be mounted on hull in Waist Hatch.
  31. Anchor and Mooring Pendant.  Cable reel and cable.
  32. Clock for middle left hand side of Flight Engineer’s panel.
  33. Navigator’s panel with instruments (airspeed indicator, 8-Day clock, altimeter and electric air thermometer).
  34. Dynamotor Type-AD-7 will be mounted on stringers below radio desk in front of Radioman’s feet.
  35. GO9 Radio Transmitter.
  36. Waist Blister external ladders.  Now Have
  37. ASV II voltage control unit.
  38. Radar Observer’s, Radio Operator’s and Navigator’s chair.  Now Have
  39. ASV II radar transmitter Type T-3040 and mount, Special Radio Equipment rack.
  40. APN-1 Radio Altimeter. Now Have
  41. An Auxiliary Power Unit composed of: an Eclipse B 4 hp one cylinder gasoline engine with attached Eclipse NEM or NEP-2 generator, with or without a Romec bilge pump. This bilge pump, if present, operates off the engine’s power take off (PTO) and is optional. We would be happy to find any component by itself or a copy of original assembly plans. We will accept these or parts in any condition as long as they are identifiable.
  42. Lawson 2 hp one cylinder gasoline engine with attached Stewart-Warner Model 782-A Heater Blower/Supercharger for heater system. At any altitude this unit provides a continuous flow of a 15-to-1 ratio air and fuel to all of the heater units which are in place throughout the aircraft. This unit does not have to be operational.
  43. One additional 2# CO2 fire bottle needed on aft face of Bulkhead #5.
  44. Sea Anchors.  Now Have
  45. Life Rafts, parachutes and pouches.
  46. Rig tether retractors for .50 Cal machine gunners.
  47. May West life jackets and canvas pockets.
  48. Bomb racks, torpedo racks.
  49. Portable wing mounted work ramps and engine/propeller A frame Now Have
  50. Cockpit Instrument panel and instruments.
  51. Windscreen wiper arms and blades. Now Have
  52. Any PBY part or memorabilia you wish to donate or loan (including beaching gear for non-amphibiansNow Have)
  53. APS-3 RADAR Equipment.



Restorations — 2 Comments

  1. I found a Mk. VII bombsite. Appears to be correct. About 4′ long. Down lense is good. Wheel for alignment is not perfect, but turns correctly. The rubber eye cup is missing that covers the lens you look into.

    Call me. 805-524-2525

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