PBY Memorial Foundation PBY-Naval Air Museum

The PBY MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, established September 22, 1998, is dedicated to the preservation and study of all PBY “Catalina” aircraft as well as the aviation history of NAS Whidbey Island and the role of Naval Aviation in the history of the Whidbey Island and Puget Sound Communities.

Our initial mission was to preserve the PBY and all seaplanes once based at the seaplane facility on Whidbey Island. We now include all aircraft that have been based and flown from NAS Whidbey Island from 1942 to the present day.

Beginning with the past and moving through to the present day, young and old alike will enjoy a memorable journey through history at the PBY Memorial Foundation’s PBY-NAVAL AIR MUSEUM located in Oak Harbor Washington. From displays dedicated to all wars and conflicts from WWII to today, to impressive artifacts, two flight simulators and more, the PBY-NAVAL AIR MUSEUM promises to educate and entertain!

Do you love history, classic aircraft – maybe both? Come join us! We are looking for more members and volunteers!

How You Can Help

Cat on the Street coming soon

Coming soon to the streets of Oak Harbor, WA is the PBY-5A Catalina aircraft belonging to our PBY-Naval Air Museum. Months of preparation and planning will come to fruition on the last weekend of January – the 24th and 25th. Our Catalina, affectionately known as GiGi will be towed from the NAS Whidbey Island Seaplane Base through the streets of Oak Harbor WA to a new Aircraft Display Area across the street from our Museum. GiGi’s journey will complete our transition off of the Seaplane Base to our much more accessible downtown location.


Watch this website or follow GiGi on the PBY Memorial Foundation Facebook page. This will be a historical event for a legendary aircraft. Seldom do you see a vintage WWII aircraft rolling down a public street. If you can adjust your circadian rhythm to join the crowds on Pioneer Way and Bayshore Drive in Oak Harbor you will see this historical Cat on her way to a new home and new place in the hearts of aviation and history buffs. She will start onto Pioneer Way at midnight and expects to arrive at the Aircraft Display Area around 5 AM on Sunday morning.

Final report Confidence Foundation of South Pasadena CA Matching Grant

“You did it! All of you who supported our matching fund campaign – you
pushed us over the top this week. A big THANK YOU to everyone whose
contributions enabled PBYMF to match the $12,500 grant from Confidence
Foundation of South Pasadena CA. These funds are critical to preparing GiGi
to move to her new home across from the PBY-Naval Air Museum. If you were
ready to send in you contribution but had not done it yet, do not hold
back. There are many other move expenses that donations can be used to
cover. Again, we are grateful for your support.”

UPDATE 3 Confidance Foundation of South Pasadena, Challenge Grant

Update 3. Confidence Foundation of South Pasadena Challenge Grant. “We have
hit $9600 or about 77% of our $12,500 target Thanks to all for your great
support. About $2900 to go. Please join in and push us over the goal line!
You can contribute through our Website by credit card or PayPal – just
click on the Donate tab. Or mail your contribution to PBY Memorial
Foundation, PO Box 941, Oak Harbor, WA 98277-0941. Help move GiGi into town
near the PBY- Naval Air Museum.”

UPDATE 2 Confidance Foundation of South Pasadena, Challenge Grant

Our campaign to raise $12,500 in order to receive $12,500 in matching
funds from the Confidence Foundation hit the 55% mark this week. We are
well on our way – thank you to all who have chipped in. These funds will go
toward preparing our PBY-5A for the move to its new location across from
our Museum. If you want ot help, contributions can be made through on our
website by credit card or through PayPal. Or, you can mail contributions to
PBY Memorial Foundation, PO Box 941, Oak Harbor, WA 98277-0941.

UPDATE TO Confidence Foundation of South Pasadena, Challenge Grant

Two weeks into our Challenge Grant fundraising campaign we have reached
33% of our goal to raise $12,500. This is a good start. Thank you to all
who have already contributed. Your support moves us toward the goal of
bringing our PBY-5A acircraft down to the Musuem. We still have way to go
to secure the matching grant of $12,500. If you want to help you can mail a
contribution to PBYMF at PO Box 941, Oak Harbor, WA 98277-0941. Or, you
can pay by credit card or through PayPal on our websiter www.pbymf.org.

Confidence Foundation of South Pasadena, CA Challenge Grant

For the 2nd consecutive year the Confidence Foundation of South Pasadena,
CA has offered a Challenge Grant of $12,500 to the PBYMF. To receive the
money from Confidence Foundation we have to raise $12,500 by 30 November
2014. If we succeed in meeting this challenge we will have $25,000 total
funds available for Preservation and Restoration of our PBY-5A aircraft.

Last year we successfully met the challenge and actually raised a little
more than the needed matching amount. This year, meeting and exceeding the
goal is extremely important because we are preparing the plane for a move
into Oak Harbor to a location near our new PBY-Naval Air Museum. Critically
needed tires alone will cost around $15,000 to buy and mount.

Moving our PBY-5A, nicknamed GiGi, will be a major step forward for our
Museum. If you want to help, donations can be mailed to: PBY Memorial
Foundation, Challenge Grant, PO Box 941, Oak Harbor, WA 98277-0941.


The PBY Memorial Foundation is taking on the biggest challenge in our history. Like most challenges, it also presents great opportunities. We have been working for more than a year on plans to move off of the Seaplane Base at NAS Whidbey Island when our Simard Hall lease expires on 30 April 2014. After pursuing many alternatives, we chose a property in downtown Oak Harbor, WA to become the new PBY – NAVAL AIR MUSEUM.

With 4500 square feet on Pioneer Way, the main street into downtown Oak Harbor, the potential for this new location is very exciting. First, and most important, being off base the museum will be accessible to a much wider public audience. We will also be able to display many more artifacts from our collection and in a better setting.

This move is also a major financial stepping stone toward our long range goal to build a hangar style museum for “GiGi”, as we affectionately call our PBY-5A. We can charge admission, solicit donations and run a robust “Ship’s Store” gift shop. On the Seaplane base these activities were either prohibited or very restricted.

Our immediate challenge is the expense of moving, completing tenant improvements and creating new displays. And, we will have some very interesting new displays. Most unique will be a Night Vision Goggle Room. Here we will display the history of this technology. Visitors will don the goggles, and experience the same introduction to NVGs that young Naval Aviators go through during their training. Our flight simulator room will be updated and there will be many other interactive and informative exhibits.

To meet this challenge we ask for your support in raising $80,000 to create a first rate museum experience. Your contribution can help maximize this opportunity for growth by enabling the PBYMF to create the PBY-NAVAL AIR MUSEUM. Please join us on a journey toward excellence by using this link to donate. You can also watch for our Crowd Funding campaign on Indiegogo.