PBY Memorial Foundation PBY-Naval Air Museum

The PBY MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, established September 22, 1998, is dedicated to the preservation of Naval Aviation History, the PBY Catalina, and the Seaplane Base at Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, Washington. 

Our initial mission was to preserve the PBY and all seaplanes once based at the seaplane facility on Whidbey Island. We now include all aircraft that have been based and flown from NAS Whidbey Island from 1942 to the present day.

Beginning with the past and moving through to the present day, young and old alike will enjoy a memorable journey through history at the PBY Memorial Foundation PBY-NAVAL AIR MUSEUM located in Oak Harbor Washington. From display rooms dedicated to all wars and conflicts from WWII to today, to impressive artifacts, two flight simulators and more, the PBY Memorial Foundation PBY-NAVAL AIR MUSEUM promises to educate and entertain!

How You Can Help


Participate in relocating our PBY-Naval Aviation Museum to Pioneer Way in Oak Harbor, WA. This is more than a PBY museum. It is a museum that showcases the entire history of naval aviation on Whidbey Island.

Step 1: Go to http://www.indiegogo.com

Step 2: Search on “PBY” in Magnifying Glass input cell

Step 3: Select PBYMF image

You can provide funding via the Internet for a museum that shares 72 years of Whidbey Island naval aviation history, including: (1) Rare photos of Oak Harbor, Clover Valley and NAS Whidbey, (2) Memorabilia presenting personnel and squadron items that span seven decades of NAS Whidbey Island aviation, (3) Military campaigns involving NAS Whidbey Island aircraft and (4) Actual aircraft — starting with a PBY. Help save/share NAS Whidbey Island history by donating at http://www.indiegogo.com.

We Are Now Open

We are now open and building and adding displays is an on going process for the next couple of weeks. Our Ships Store is fully operational and stocked.

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Coupeville High School Students Project

At the PBYMF monthly luncheon, students from Coupeville High School presented their website project on the subject of Japanese Internment Camps in the United States. They explained the parameters and process for putting the website together and engaged in a lively exchange with luncheon attendees about the internment history. They are preparing for History Day competition at the State level which takes place in May. If they are successful at the State level, the team will go on to the National History Day competition in June. You can view their website at  http://32029686.nhd.weebly.com


The PBY Memorial Foundation is taking on the biggest challenge in our history. Like most challenges, it also presents great opportunities. We have been working for more than a year on plans to move off of the Seaplane Base at NAS Whidbey Island when our Simard Hall lease expires on 30 April 2014. After pursuing many alternatives, we chose a property in downtown Oak Harbor, WA to become the new PBY – NAVAL AIR MUSEUM.

With 4500 square feet on Pioneer Way, the main street into downtown Oak Harbor, the potential for this new location is very exciting. First, and most important, being off base the museum will be accessible to a much wider public audience. We will also be able to display many more artifacts from our collection and in a better setting.

This move is also a major financial stepping stone toward our long range goal to build a hangar style museum for “GiGi”, as we affectionately call our PBY-5A. We can charge admission, solicit donations and run a robust “Ship’s Store” gift shop. On the Seaplane base these activities were either prohibited or very restricted.

Our immediate challenge is the expense of moving, completing tenant improvements and creating new displays. And, we will have some very interesting new displays. Most unique will be a Night Vision Goggle Room. Here we will display the history of this technology. Visitors will don the goggles, and experience the same introduction to NVGs that young Naval Aviators go through during their training. Our flight simulator room will be updated and there will be many other interactive and informative exhibits.

To meet this challenge we ask for your support in raising $80,000 to create a first rate museum experience. Your contribution can help maximize this opportunity for growth by enabling the PBYMF to create the PBY-NAVAL AIR MUSEUM. Please join us on a journey toward excellence by using this link to donate. You can also watch for our Crowd Funding campaign on Indiegogo.

Our PBY-5A Catalina Oct 1965

Our PBY-5A Catalina Oct 1965 with Navy NAS Atlanta in a red stripe just before tail and a well weathered paint and demilitarized, not guns, no radar dome and no external antennas. Photo taken at Orange County Airport (John Wayne Airport) owned by Thomas Kendall.

33968 Oct 65


Our PBY-5A Catalina Bu # 33968 while assigned to the USCG

Crew Photo-0001Our PBY-5A Catalina while assigned to the USCG. This photo was taken April 25, 1945 at USCG Station San Francisco,CA. Photo provided by Jason Taylor’s grandfather William (Bill) E. Taylor Jr  is in the back 2nd from the right the photo. Our PBY-5A was stationed at USCG Station Port Angeles, WA and deployed to the Aleutians Alaska.